Freight Brokering Pitfall

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As diesel fuel prices continue to climb and federal hours of service legislation stiffens, the number of owner operators and smaller trucking companies steadily decreases. Shippers have reluctantly accepted that freight brokers are becoming a necessity. It’s much easier for a shipper to make a phone call to a broker who most likely has many more contacts than it is to sit at a desk all day dialing carrier after carrier to get his shipment covered.

With the increase in use of freight brokers comes the risk of less than perfect service. Brokers have gained the stereotype of accepting freight to make a quick buck and not necessarily following through with the complete transportation process. Shipments may not be traced and tracked thoroughly and sometimes they don’t deliver when they are supposed to. The theory is that the broker doesn’t have a vested interest in the customer because he may or may not ever work with this shipper again so he becomes slightly careless on the follow through. Is this stereotype fair? Of course not. Brokers are becoming much more responsible and trustworthy with their service as they realize that a long term relationship with a customer is much more valuable than a shipment here and there. The brokerage department at Sibley Transportation believes in honesty and integrity when brokering any of our customer’s freight.

We thoroughly track each load with personal contact with each driver from the day it shipped to the day it delivered. On time delivery is a must and each carrier we work with is well aware of its importance. Building relationships with customers, carriers and drivers is an essential part in growing a successful brokerage department. Thinking long-term will help grow your revenue and profitability and keep your customers satisfied.