Transportation Trucking Services Nationwide, Logistics, Maine Based

Whatever your transportation needs may be, Sibley Transportation is there for you. With the logistics market being competitive and margins being slim, it is important to cut costs when possible. We can help you do that by streamlining the shipping of your product. Our dedicated employees can assist you at every step from logistics and tracking and tracing to invoicing and proofs of delivery. Being a smaller company and keeping our operating overhead costs low, we are able to offer you better rates than our competitors.

Our local fleet not only specializes in shuttle moves to and from our warehouse in Bangor, ME, but can service any inner-state moves with very little notice. Our over-the-road fleet serves the continental U.S. with a 99% on-time delivery rate. Sibley Transportation drivers and staff are well trained in proper load securement and all highway safety regulations. Your product will be delivered safely and in the same condition it left the shipper. Running newer equipment and paying fair wages give us a very low driver turnover. This creates a team oriented environment and an atmosphere of caring for the company and for the job at hand. The drivers on our team care for our customers and know the importance of professional service.

We also have a brokerage network that spans the U.S. and gives us the ability to service Canada and increases our capacity in all areas. Flexibility is a key element in transportation and the folks in our network allow us focus our efforts in all parts of the country instead of just our home state of Maine. Unfortunately, many times brokers in our industry develop a reputation of being irresponsible and not necessarily caring about the complete logistical process from shipper to consignee. Our brokers know how important our customers are. On time delivery and fluid communication are an absolute must.

Sibley Transportation takes a great deal of pride in not only helping the many shippers in Maine keep their costs down, but also aiding our customers across the nation. No project is too big or too small. We welcome any move from spot-quoting to Third Party Logistics services.

With dry vans, reefers and flatbeds we can fulfill your logistics needs. Our family owned and family run company is aggressive and eager to expand. We want to grow with you!

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